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Natural, energetic, spiritual

Rejuvenating, regenerating and anti-aging plants are handpicked from all over the world for our green luxury cosmetics. These plants carry knowledge accrued over thousands of years within them. They thrive and prosper in special, particularly energy-rich locations, helping them to develop their full potencies,

  • a rich, unique natural concentration of active ingredients
  • concentrated light energy
  • high energetic vibrations

This entire spectrum is absorbed directly by your skin and your soul.

Our quality promise

The plants are cultivated and treated with great care and affection for many years by small farmers in the region and in different parts of the world in unique strip cultivation. It is consistently ecological and does not use any chemicals. Our natural treasures are gently processed exclusively in Germany according to the PHARMOS NATUR green luxury principle: our goal is to preserve the holistic network of the plants’ active ingredients and also their properties and light energy. Thanks to this holistic approach, the natural treasures can cause true miracles on your skin.


The green luxury treatment method

Thanks to the green luxury treatment method, all the secrets hidden for centuries in our rare plants develop their full effect. This is the basis for our exceptional face and body treatments, from anti-aging to detoxification treatments. The carefully coordinated 3-phase cycle restores your skin systematically so that the special rejuvenating ingredients can be properly absorbed and reach their full potential.

A real highlight: the use of naturally grown and fresh plants make PHARMOS NATUR green luxury treatments a special experience. You will notice and feel it immediately as your skin is intensely moisturised, provided with rich active ingredients and cared for in a special way. Your vital energy is boosted and freshness and vitality flows through your whole body.

A holistic approach

The holistic approach of our treatments activates your inner source of power and happiness and your self-regulating forces, and will give you a radiant appearance, new satisfaction and true joy of life. Our training is intense and joyful. The beauty specialist is skilled at treating the guest in a holistic manner and will give you individual advice and provide the right treatment to satisfy your current needs. Your guests feel how this holistic complex of natural ingredients and the high level of light energy flow through their cells and make them happy.

They feel the power and energy unveiled in their skin, body and soul. It is beauty, charisma and warmness in their hearts.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

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